We’ve done the research and we know that a phone’s biggest environmental impact comes from making it in the first place. So, it makes sense that the longer you keep your phone, the more CO2 you avoid.🌍 Repair, not replace! Kudos to the @EU_Commission@twitter.com 👏


"@EU_Commission is seeking to improve phone and tablet battery life and spare parts availability. [..] European regulators are planning to force phone manufacturers to supply at least 15 different parts to professional repairers for five years after a device first goes on sale. Consumers will also get guaranteed access to replacement batteries, displays, chargers, back covers, and even SIM / memory card trays for five years.

The draft proposals are designed to improve of smartphones and tablets and reduce their carbon footprint across Europe. The Financial Times reports that extending lifecycles by five years would be roughly the equivalent of removing 5 million cars from the road. The EU argues that forcing manufacturers to make products that are more durable and easier to repair should reduce e-waste, and improve recycling rates and the reuse of materials needed to manufacturer devices."

Thanks @Fairphone for beeing a role model and sharing this!

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