my name is Andreas, electrical engineer in Germany and i'm working as independent embedded Linux developer and trainer with an emphasis on kernel drivers, realtime and system programming.

In my part-time job i'm working as organic farmer with red deers, bees, pigs, tillage, forest and so on.

My interests are in sustainable technical and/or agricultural systems:
How can we come along with less engergy, raw materials and effort from a wholistic view?


@anderl_klinger This sounds like my dream in 20 years from now. Super awesome.

@JanBittner it took me also 20 years to bring both jobs under one roof.

@anderl_klinger Welcome! So you're #newhere, hope many pick up on this interests.

@anderl_klinger Welcome to the Fediverse. I hope you will have lots of interesting exchanges.

Die Teeküche ist zweimal linksrum um die Ecke. Kaffee, Kekse, Cola, alk-freies Weißbier. Und die Lunchliste...

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