is not allowed to ship their , or to because of the device encryption of these devices.

Make you wonder what arrangements other manufacturers have in place with Russia.

@chpietsch What if we instead..

Didn't. Ship Russia. No. The reversal joke isn't working here. :blobcatmelt:

@chpietsch Those devices can still get to Russia, they just need extra steps


can't we already pretty safely assume that every major nation has a direct backdoor or at least a way to look into all your data on anything running one of the big commercial operating systems anyways

@chpietsch Most likely none. I remember it was a huge pain to get certain Cisco routers because they "weren't certified" and after about one year they got certified. They still used same firmware. I highly doubt it had backdoors (and even if it did I doubt these backdoors were shared).
@chpietsch many companies don't work with Russian clients nowadays. I think all the world should mount up and consolidate against kremlin.
@iron_bug @chpietsch It is mostly FSB that makes things harder.

Sometimes customs block even generic Chinese smartphones from Aliexpress because they "have encryption capability and are not certified".

When I worked with Cisco and this crap happened, Cisco just started shipping routers with encryption disabled in firmware :) You'd get a router without most encryption functions (like IPSEC and such) then you'd just flash it with proper firmware and it turned into a normal router. I suppose this no-ciphers firmware was used solely to bypass FSB restrictions.
@iron_bug @shuro @chpietsch this is idiocy and totalitarianism. and fascism. that's what it actually is. in modern world it looks really ridiculous and twisted.
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