For a week or so, I have tried to update on my phone. showed me that a new version is available. When I tried to update, I always got a "file not found" error.

Solution: Go to Settings, then Package sources, tap @guardianproject, and unselect all mirrors.

@chpietsch @guardianproject Or just download it from the website. Signatures are the same, so it can be installed as an update.

@cryptgoat Your solution will work for now, but if the mirror(s) remain out of sync, the "file not found" error will return when the next version is released.

@kirschwipfel @chpietsch @guardianproject The main problem ist: The latest release of the (10.5.5) is not even available in the repo yet.

@kirschwipfel @chpietsch @guardianproject ... and while I have been writing that said release has popped up in the repo.

@chpietsch @guardianproject today it works, without changing anything. yesterday i also had problems.

This works, thanks! I think its an error syncing the mirrors

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