This weekend I have installed (with ) on a Galaxy for my SO. It is insane how much longer the battery lasts compared to Samsungs stock ROM ( 3.1). 🤯 Even after a factory reset you could basically watch the battery drain while doing nothing else. Well, now I have got an idea why the previous owner sold this device. 🙈

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I switched to CalyxOS with my Pixel 3. Here I also use MicroG. I also noticed a huge jump in battery life here. I can only recommend it to everyone.

I also implemented the following recommendation from Mike Kuketz:

@cryptgoat how much did you pay? And how long did it last for flashing?

@d4m13n 160€. I don't have total numbers for the screen-on time but the difference is significant.

@cryptgoat Im asking for the duration of flashing process

Oh great, thats not much - but... e stands for essential, doesnt it? So the hardware isnt the premium...

@d4m13n 160€ is an excellent price for an used S10e - it usually costs above 200 bucks.

Flashing process (including setting up heimdall and such stuff) took about 40-50 mins.

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