Looking back at this year's , we're still impressed and we hope you want to join the FnF community.
We look forward to FnF 2022, hopefully in Brussels and in person again.


That was such a wealth of knowledge we have been sharing at ! Now we are concluding our closing session and after that there will be time to network & party. 🥳

We are talking about platform power at the kick-off panel for and one of the participants shared this great link:

Now Jan Penfrat @ilumium is introducing the kick-off panel at "Leading by example: EU online platform regulation with people in mind". A big thank you to Jan and EDRi for preparing this!

Today at 2pm (UTC +0100) we open the doors to the FnF world. We're excited to start this year's barcamp soon!

This year's main topic is "Platform Power".


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