Safe #e2ee encryption is essential for privacy and democracy. It protects whistleblowers, journalists and many more. Join us for #GlobalEncryptionDay and #MakeTheSwitch: 🇬🇧On the occasion of #GlobalEncryptionDay & in collaboration with I am asking the EU Commission about the use of insecure & outdated encryption protocol for transferring sensitive fingerprints, DNA etc

Will this convince the EU to #MakeTheSwitch?

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Trumps "social" network is probably violating at least one FLOSS license. 

Mastodon is licensed AGPL so any source code modifications must be made available under the AGPL. Proprietary source code modifications that are kept from the public are a big no-no.


💣 The world's most excellent group of #cybersecurity and #cryptography research have written a joint paper to raise awareness on serious concerns of's plan to scan files on users devices and the #icloud - it opens the #pandorasbox to abuse.



🇬🇧Are you also concerned that the EU wants to ban anonymous/protected domains and mandate identification of domain owners incl. your address and phone number?
✊Here is information on what you can do before the vote:

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Dear @exodus community,

As your saw, seen now 5 days, submission of new applications on the platform is disabled.

In fact Google reject all our download APK download request.
We change the password of our accounts, we made several Google verification but nothing seems to work more than one hour.

We are looking for a solution or a workaround, but as you know we are all volunteers and our free time is not expandable to infinite. We need to take care of us, our family and friends.

🇬🇧Historical moment: EU Parliament calls for a full ban of dystopian #BiometricMassSurveillance and #FaceSurveillance in Europe!
Implement the ban now, and!

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ARPA IN 1974: we're inventing the internet because networked comptuers are decentralized and therefore there is no single point of failure


I wrote down a spec for a simple web of trust for relay operator IDs:

the spec makes use of DNSSEC-signed TXT records and simple text files served via HTTPS to publish trusted relay operator IDs

"Is Facebook harming children?"
Yes. Next question

Facebook is a rotten company, rotten from the top down, its founder, board and execs are sociopaths and monsters, committers of non-hyperbolic crimes against humanity. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They are some of history's greatest villains.

Because Facebook is a terrible company run by terrible people, it periodically erupts in ghastly scandal. Sometimes whistleblowers or reporters reveal historic crimes, including (but not limited to) deliberately helping to foment genocide.


Esteemed Fediverse, I moved.
Moin from the wonderful instance. Yay.
An intro in english will follow later because unfortunately mastodon did not implement the multilanguage aspects of (yet) ;)



Ich bin Sebi und gerade hier hingezogen.
Physikalisch bin ich ein Kind des ​s, irgendwo zwischen inne Süd, anne Castroper und dat Niederrhein …

Erst habe ich 20 Jahre geknipst. Als freier für stern, Spiegel und so.
Deshalb poste ich in den nächsten Tagen hier mal einige Archivgeschichten zum Thema und aus ​.

Dann ist bei einem Dokumentarfilm in Papua Neuguinea relativ viel schiefgelaufen und ich werde nicht mehr mit Booten aus
Palmenstämmen segeln. Die Kameras waren kaputt,


Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

No, your cryptocurrency cannot work

Explaining in understandable terms why Bitcoin uses so much power, why all these supposed 'alternatives' cannot fix the problem, how other coins are a scam, and how proof-of-stake is ultimately a dead end too.

“But, Aral, Google is open!”

Yeah, Google is open like a Venus flytrap is open.

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