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The #FSFE is hiring a "Project Manager" with focus #communications and #sustainability. If you are interested, we are looking forward to your applications, else please forward to others who might be interested to work for #SoftwareFreedom (#FreeSoftware / #OpenSource). #hiring 🇬🇧 Now it is officially confirmed: The planned indiscriminate message and chat control will fail in court and do nothing to protect children. According to the EU plans are disproportionate and violates fundamental rights. More info:

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Around 8000 clients in Myanmar/Burma are connected the Tor network. This does not count the users connected by bridges to Tor.

In Briar all communication goes through Tor, to protect your identity.
To circumvent censorship, Briar gives you access to bridges in case Tor is blocked by your ISP.

In case of internet shutdown, Briar can use Bluetooth and WiFi to pass on messages to your contacts.

Learn more about Briar here:
#Tor #Burma #Myanmar

If you’re a developer in 2021 and you’re adding tracking devices from Google, Facebook, etc., to your sites and apps, the one thing you can’t do any longer is to feign innocence. You know exactly what you’re doing and you’re complicit in perpetuating surveillance capitalism.

Surveillance capitalism isn’t some corruption of capitalism; it’s just what capitalism is in the digital network age.


So, what are we about? 23 orgas, over 13.000 people and counting.

We're simply worried about the massive deployment of biometric surveillance tech such as facial recognition cams. It's secretive, it's unlawful, it's inhumane.

We are calling for a BAN on biometric mass surveillance. In February 2021 we are launching an ECI (European Citizen Initiative) aimed at the European Commission.

Get involved and #ReclaimYourFace!

US antitrust 

This could be a game changer. If Lina Khan is appointed as FTC Commissioner, Big Tech has every reason to be worried.

Zoom is adding watermarks to video and audio😮

What You Should Know Before Leaking a Zoom Meeting - Slashdot -

In 2021, we want to focus on improving some of the very core features of Tails, especially for censorship circumvention.

We want to completely redesign how to start Tor and configure Tor bridges.

This will make it easier for people in countries where accessing Tor is blocked to circumvent censorship. According to data from the Tor project, the top 5 countries by users of Tor bridges are Russia, Iran, the US, Belarus, and China.

More of Tails plans for 2021 here:

Big win for #privacy and #openstandards in #Germany :

Brandenburg banned the usage of #Microsoft products (especially Teams) in schools.

Let's hope that initiatives like @digitalcourage will have bigger influence after this.

🇬🇧 EP Home Affairs Committee clears the way for #TERREG. This means: Orban will be deleting websites in your country, without a court order. Unacceptable and probably violates fundamental rights.

My press release:

Plenary vote coming up.

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#rC3 schedule website with an easier-to-read font, fixed scrollbars, and sticky table header:

The Readme contains a step-by-step guide on how to use it with the Stylus Firefox Addon.

Alternative for web browser:

Alternative for Smartphone: scan this code with Giggity

I started creating a user style to make the #rC3 Fahrplan more readable for me. (so far: change font, no bold font)


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