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Installer #PeerTube sur votre serveur, c’est comme créer votre propre alternative libre à « YouTube », dont vous choisissez le nom ▶️ ! Documentation et support officiel vous guideront dans l’aventure.
👉 #LibéronsLesServeurs

We will never really be safe until all our hardware is Open Hardware and all our software is Open Source.

It's a hard goal to achieve. I try to focus on the parts that matter most. But there are so many ways a closed dependency can hurt us.

🌿 About those kill-switched Ukrainian 🇺🇦 tractors 🚜 | by Cory #@Doctorow | May, | Medium
"… Deere 🦌 aggregates all the soil data from all the farms, all around the world, and sells it to private equity firms making bets in the futures market. … The real money 💸 is using farmers’ aggregated data to inform the bets that financiers make against the farmers. …"

Every data broker that sells individual-level GPS location data secretly harvested from smartphone apps actually sells data about visitors of abortion clinics and any other kinds of places, whether or not marketed as such.

And at least a few hundred data brokers do so in the US.

🇬🇧 You thought #CSS is this droll language that makes your webpages look cuter?

#EU commissioner #YlvaJohansson might start her attack on #E2EE soon, maybe introducing a game changing mandatory #monitoring of your smartphones, PCs, and other devices. #ClientSideScanning might be the key to your (formerly) private contents.

Is the @EU_Commission willing to protect our fundamental rights? #keepItSecure

Bugs in our Pockets:


Is Commissioner breaking her promise on encryption with upcoming EU law?

President We count on you to stop this attack. Protect and reject any proposal that FORCES mass scanning of our private communications!


A recording of the German with an excellent English live translation by Sebastian Lisken is available, too:


A leaked Facebook document shows that the company itself has hardly any overview of where the data of its users flow to. This is likely to be in blatant contradiction to the General Data Protection Regulation:
#GDPR #privacy The audience award goes to you, too. Cheers!

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Dear Commissioner Helen Dixon of,

you just received one of the German for your “comprehensive sabotage of European Data Protection law”.

What is your response?

Congratulations,, you just received one of the German for doing nothing at all!

Die irische Datenschutzbehörde bekommt bei den einen Preis für ihr Lebenswerk, das im Wesentlichen aus Nichtstun besteht.

An English live translation for the video stream of the German is available.

In the video window, click "native" and select "translation".

Banging the drum for the #Fediverse in this #ContraChrome interview for The New Stack by the @ricmac

Some tech questions noticeably over my head, guess I should have consulted with you folks first 😅

Facebook doesn't respect the privacy of their users, GDPR or the DSA. 'Leaked Facebook ads document raises fresh questions over GDPR enforcement' Great reporting

Hello fellow freeradicals! Here’s my #introduction - I work in #DataProtection in the UK, write about privacy, tech, human rights and data protection law, and have Considered Opinions on most other things too. I’m cis, bisexual, autistic and occasionally disabled. Here for lolz and good chat

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