🌿 About those kill-switched Ukrainian 🇺🇦 tractors 🚜 | by Cory #@Doctorow | May, | Medium
"… Deere 🦌 aggregates all the soil data from all the farms, all around the world, and sells it to private equity firms making bets in the futures market. … The real money 💸 is using farmers’ aggregated data to inform the bets that financiers make against the farmers. …"

We will never really be safe until all our hardware is Open Hardware and all our software is Open Source.

It's a hard goal to achieve. I try to focus on the parts that matter most. But there are so many ways a closed dependency can hurt us.

@mro Danke. DAS erklärt natürlich, warum #Traktoren mit #DRM ausgestattet werden. ...

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