started work on a dialog system for my point and click game (engine) today and made some progress :)

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Finally, an adventure game starring the quick brown fox 😁

How does your dialogue system work btw? 🙂

@sigsegv haha i didn't get further than rendering the text properly next to entities containing a "TalkableComponent" in the ECS 😄

i'm planning to handle dialogs in clojure by handing over data from kotlin, in order to have some "script-like" behavior. but that might be a bit overambitious and/or might not work at all. we'll see 🙃

Ash I see! You're using ECS, that's cool 🙂👍

Yeah, data driven and scripted dialogues would be nice!
I've never tried making a dialogue system so I have no idea 😅 but it sounds like a fun challenge, so maybe I should try?

@sigsegv i later realized that clojure is not interpreted, though 😂
but i already managed to compile a script from within kotlin/java at runtime, so maybe i will create some kind of system that will compile all scripts at startup (maybe using some cache algorithm to only recompile the changed ones) 🤷

i bet it's a nice challenge, though i don't know exactly how i'm gonna do it yet. 😂
you should give it a go 🙃

@schrofi Haha yes, that matters 😅
Aha, so will all the dialogues be created in Koltin/Java then? It's an original choice! 👍

Hmm.. yeah! Maybe I will 😁

@sigsegv no no, i managed to compile the clojure "script" from the engine written in kotlin. so the plan's to use clojure for dialogs, although it might not be the smartest choice 😁

@schrofi aah now I get it 😁 That sounds like an interesting approach though! Keep us updated please! :D

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