@captainepoch actually if I understand him correctly the app is trying to load a favicon from a location inferred from the sender's domain name. I don't appreciate that as it is a form of tracking - by watching my web logs I can see that you opened my email.

@fedops @schrofi I can understand, and I do, that bothers you. But I don't see it as a reason to directly delete the application from the Play Store, and even worse, to not offer an explanation to the developer to fix the problem instead a generic response.

Which is the part Marcel was complaining, and I can empathise with him in that matter.

@fedops @captainepoch also, marcel even fixed the problem just by guessing what the issue might be and uploaded a version with the favicon feature completely removed.
still it took a call with google to actually resolve the issue 😕

@schrofi @fedops Google could stop doing that for a change. It gets a ton of money through the Store and it doesn't care about its developers...

Good for Marcel to figure it out, glad he's back!

@captainepoch @schrofi I'm actually amazed anyone at Google was even available for a call.

@fedops @captainepoch me too, but then again he was planning to remove all his apps from the playstore and netguard has more than 5 million dowloads. so maybe that's the reason they actually listened this time 🤷‍♂️

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