just switched to because does not offer any ui to configure a tablet 🙈

so far it's actually a very nice desktop environment!

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@schrofi It's pretty *WOOSH* fun and actually quite *WOOSH WOOSH* a nice desktop *BOING* though it can be a bit *WOOSH* busy/heavy on the effects sometimes

@tfb i totally get what you mean! 😂

had to turn off all the workspace animations and sound effects so i wouldn't go crazy over time. but now it's decent :)

@schrofi I like it as well. No wonder Mint is such a beginner-friendly distro, and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. Cinnamon is just really polished and comforting.

@fedops yeah, totally.
i was able to get my preferred setup running in like half an hour. plus i get nicer tiling than i had on xfce 😄

today i'm testing it at work for the first time, but so far it's going very smoothly.

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