5:40, what a great time to get up in the morning!
we're going on a bike trip and the very first train was the only one where we could still take our bikes with us 😄🚲

we finished the first day of
innsbruck -> kufstein. looks really nice here and the cycle path was beautiful and a joy to ride 👌

second day of
we went from kufstein to wasserburg, which is a very colourful city :)
the bikepath was very gravelly, but still nice. wouldn't mind more paved segments, though 😅

third day of .
wasserburg -> burghausen.
i already said that yesterday was gravel heavy, but today we had even more gravel segments, which were more difficult to ride 😄
it was still totally worth it, as those paths were surrounded by a beautiful forest.
the city of burghausen is also very charming!

fourth day of
today we cycled from burghausen to passau.
this time the path mostly lead us on paved roads, which made it easy to crunch some kilometers.
passau is as pretty as i remember it, probably one of my favorite german cities :)

fifth day of
travelled from passau to linz, the inn cycle way turned into the danube cycle way.
the path was well paved and didn't contain a lot of altitude changes, so we were able to achieve higher average speeds than normal.
i found a nice looking african restaurant in linz which offers some vegan meals, really looking forward to that one now 🤤


sixth day of
from linz to melk. i can feel that my body needs a break after this 100km ride 😴
good thing that we're already planning to cycle to a trainstation that will take us home tomorrow, so it will be our last ride.
we don't know which city it will be in, though 😄
melk itself is yet another very pretty city!

today was our last day of
we decided to go to amstetten to take the train from there.
i'm kinda glad we decided to ride to the closer destination, as it was crazy windy and a bit rainy today 😄
now we're in the train on our way back to salzburg 🚂

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