hmm some kind of chill 8bit music might actually work for a point & click adventure 🤔

started work on a dialog system for my point and click game (engine) today and made some progress :)

should i reconsider my choice? 🤔
no, it's the users who are wrong!

github actions are building native binaries of my kotlin application now 🥳

thanks to i was able to figure out the weird calculations used to convert the values returned by the api to kelvin 🥳

a friend of mine lent me the graphic novel "blue in green". it's a very pleasant read and it comes with its own jazz playlist! 🎷

now that i've had that experience once, i want every graphic novel to have its own playlist 😄

cw: the scene in the picture could be a bit disturbing.

when i try to boot any live linux usb i run into this issue. windows is also instantly bluescreening. anyone able to read kernel panic speak? 😄

just when i want to play a game of SAR in more than two months 😅
seems like aws is down..

i drew something in for the first time today and it worked quite alright 👌

i think blender might actually be the better choice for 2d in my case, as it offers better animation and exporting capabilities than krita.
also, i don't need the more advanced pencils & brushes that krita offers.

i guess i'm gonna stick with blender, although there would still be to try 🤔

the player should only be able to move to the clicked position if the bottom of the player would be completely contained by the walkable area ✅

the next step would be to find the closest coordinate the player could move to, if the clicked position was inside the walkable area. i need to think a bit more about that one 🤔

fucked up their latest update. now it thinks my subscription expired two years ago, although it's still valid till 2024.
additionally, it keeps throwing errors when you try to do anything 😒

android studio goes brrr 😬
i'm glad i got the better cpu for my laptop, but it still takes quite some time to compile.

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