@tychi is it a 29th from the past or the future, though? πŸ€”

vegan stuff 

@jookia also happened to me a few times. i always feel ashamed and disgusted for around 2 hours after waking up then πŸ˜„

@mhamzahkhan the coffee coke from coca cola is actually decent. maybe you'd like that πŸ˜„

@yarmo fair enough πŸ˜„

but there's no denying that it is (or at least was) a popular service. so trakt doesn't really surprise me.

btw. listenbrainz.org is an open-source, open data last.fm alternative for anyone who's interested πŸ™ƒ

@yarmo it's literally exactly the same business model as last.fm but for movies/series πŸ˜„

i can see some uses for it, if you're a movie/series fan and you don't want to limit yourself to the catalog of a single provider.

@totoroot did a custom configuration of s04-h04-e08-c80.

you're right, there aren't a lot of reviews, but the ones i found were quite positive, so i hope that mine will be fine as well. i just liked their business model too much πŸ˜„

nice, sounds like you got a pretty good deal on those sennheisers!

these look awesome!
modular, sustainable headphones! 😍🎧
guess i'm gonna get those if i can't repair my broken ones.


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my headphones seem to be broken. although i specifically bought wired ones in order to be able to keep them for a long time (no battery, replaceable wire)πŸ˜”

@captainepoch @amolith @lanodan hmm but if it's not safetynet it should be easier to fix, so you might have a chance πŸ€”

to be sure:
are both phones failing safetynet when you check it in magisk manager? could it be that the other phone didn't get the update from january yet?

maybe you can also try the "hide magisk manager" option (not magiskhide), if you didn't try that already.

@captainepoch @amolith @lanodan ran into the exact same issue with google pay some days ago, right after i decided that i wanted to at least try it once πŸ˜…
dodged a bullet there, i guess 🀷
luckily my banking apps still work fine. wouldn't know what to do otherwise..

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