@ilyess thanks, i also consider the default theme one of the best 😊

@protodrew also looks cool to prototype some ideas with, as it has a pretty exhaustive standard library

@protodrew , just because it piqued my interest the most.
didn't really try others, except common lisp a bit 🤏

@captainepoch already spent time testing my setup on podman, so i'll start with that 😅

i guess it's also more relevant in a professional context (given it's compatibility to docker), so that's another plus.

@captainepoch which distro are you using then? alpine already needs 512mb officially and i don't want to push it 😄

containers are a better choice for my scenario either way, though.

8gb of ram is not enough for multiple proper vms, i'll try my luck with podman 🤞

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This seems like a pretty good idea from @Fairphone. Phone subscription that gets cheaper the longer you have it and has a system in-place to reuse parts and recycle what can't be reused!


#Fairphone #android

i've just been testing out , but it keeps dropping the network connection for me after a few minutes 😒

-ng on the other hand, works perfectly fine. i guess i'll continue my journey with that one.

@FoinB alternativ könntest du den A record auf einen vps zeigen lassen und von dort zu deinem homeserver tunneln. dann müsstest du zwar für den traffic zahlen, aber ansonsten braucht der vps nicht viel.

das ginge z.b. mit frp oder expose:

@ndanes you're right. i honestly thought i checked the faq, but apparently i did not 🙈

i didn't test it thoroughly yet, but at that price i'm kinda afraid that i'd like it too much 😅

sounds intriguing, although a bit expensive.
i wish they were more transparent, though. couldn't find out where the company is actually based (seems like US).


i'm baffled.. i tried to get working on my system and i couldn't get my devices to show up nor was i able to setup the strava connection.

then i discovered , an open source, browser-based cycling app, which instantly connected to my power meter, cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. that this works in a browser is truely amazing, especially as there are not many alternatives on linux.

i didn't complete a workout yet, but according to the github page it records workouts as a .fit file, which can then easily be uploaded to any platform.


@meejah maybe ?
- you already know some elisp
- it's functional (which i'd assume you'd like as you tried haskell)
- has a nice community providing high quality libraries
- powerful async programming
- complete interop with java & the jvm
- access to all java libs, which is a huuge ecosystem
- can be used for webdev as well by using

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