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the bike's cheaper when you switch the language to german, the fuck? 😄

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anyone got the 3dee? i'm planning to try one out at a local store, but would love to hear about some personal experiences.

signed up for yesterday.
seems like a really cool service to learn some new programming languages :)

started work on a dialog system for my point and click game (engine) today and made some progress :)

aargh started to randomly freeze for a few seconds quite regularily, while i'm still able to move the cursor.
as i'm facing a lot of the same problems on that i also faced on , i believe that kde might actually be the reason for all those issues.
i think it's time to move back to , my old friend..

so one disadvantage of owning decent headphones is that you can hear every little fuckup that was made during recording and/or mastering, which is very annoying 😄

i'm glad that i've always found other people hearing the same things as i do, so at least i know that i'm not going crazy.

my most recent discovery: there's some annoying static in bohemian rhapsody.


The bundle for Ukraine is live!! ~1,000 games worth over $6,500, $10 minimum donation, all proceeds donated to charity. Let's do what we can!


should i reconsider my choice? 🤔
no, it's the users who are wrong!

i realized that i don't have a pdf version of my master's thesis anymore, so i decided to generate one from latex. i didn't remember the latex packages were sooo big in filesize, like more than ~1.4 gb 🤯

oh noe, seems like creating my first package on the opensuse build service is off the table 😰

for the sake of reproducible builds the service doesn't work with dependencies downloaded from maven/gradle and i'm not even sure how it could work when i manually package all of my dependencies 🙈

github actions are building native binaries of my kotlin application now 🥳

i'm mirroring my selfhosted gitea repo to codeberg and github now.. maybe i'm overdoing it a bit 🤔

thanks to i was able to figure out the weird calculations used to convert the values returned by the api to kelvin 🥳

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