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8gb of ram is not enough for multiple proper vms, i'll try my luck with podman 🤞

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This seems like a pretty good idea from @Fairphone. Phone subscription that gets cheaper the longer you have it and has a system in-place to reuse parts and recycle what can't be reused!

#Fairphone #android

i've just been testing out , but it keeps dropping the network connection for me after a few minutes 😒

-ng on the other hand, works perfectly fine. i guess i'll continue my journey with that one.

sounds intriguing, although a bit expensive.
i wish they were more transparent, though. couldn't find out where the company is actually based (seems like US).

i'm baffled.. i tried to get working on my system and i couldn't get my devices to show up nor was i able to setup the strava connection.

then i discovered , an open source, browser-based cycling app, which instantly connected to my power meter, cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. that this works in a browser is truely amazing, especially as there are not many alternatives on linux.

i didn't complete a workout yet, but according to the github page it records workouts as a .fit file, which can then easily be uploaded to any platform.

well, if you make sure to additionally install the 32 bit drivers, it works fine & dandy with the normal steam package and official proton.

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i expected it to be easier, but i got working on this weekend and already played it for a few hours! 🎮🐧
so far i really like it :)

@aligyie your green list is awesome! do you know any green printers by any chance or are there really none? 😄

i just discovered that you can buy audio cables with decent, integrated microphones like the v-moda boompro.
time to upgrade the audio quality of my headphones in the office 😄

and scaleway's object storage are a very sweet combination!
especially considering that you get 75gb for free.

hmm some kind of chill 8bit music might actually work for a point & click adventure 🤔

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