Wishing there were a standard data format for #activitypub services. If I want to change the software my mail server runs, I know I can get the data transferred in mbox (or maildir) format. If I want to change my gitweb presenter, the repos are there. To change from ActivityPub server program A to B, then unless A is Mastodon and B is Pleroma it appears I'm basically out of luck.

Someone tell me different?

https://microblog.pub/ is abandoned, as far as I can tell (and no, I don't have time to maintain a fork)



Well, specification tells you different, see the Conformance section

You can use any server with any client.
In your example pleroma does support Client2Server but mastodon does not (unfortunately).

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@sl007@digitalcourage.social that's true but is not what I need. I want to be able to transfer my data (posts, likes, follows etc) from one server implementation to another.

It's great that I own my own data, but it could be better if that data were in a form I could use with more than one piece of software.

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