So, it seems fashionable today to announce a

So, made one too. It is not about greenwashing, it is just about the

@sl007 What tool do you use to make the vocab page? Looks nice!


Good question.
Because now I saw, it is missing the badge to the repo [needs fix] and forgot to link the repo :)

See where is mentioned.

It is

and a big thanks to @steffenr42 who did the branch (while others are surfing Bretagne ;)
Also passing the question from @naturzukunft
“Is there a useful SKOS editor out there?”
cause personally I did write it mainly manual (with help of some node-scripts)

@sl007 @steffenr42 @naturzukunft I'm discussing Linked data editor tooling with Pierre-Antoine Champin. The landscape is almost empty. Those who understand use emacs/vim. But we have more and more domain people who just want to do their vocab. And they have nothing for the moment. So working on it and collecting all available tools.

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