(Re-)learning with VIM. Which flavour should I use?


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@tri Depends on where you’re going to use it, and how.

On your machine only? Maybe #NeoVim.

Managing servers where you can’t/shouldn’t install software? Or you want to share your config with several machines, some of which might be older/exotic? #Vim.

Want to write plugins in Lua instead of VimL? NeoVim.

But really, I wouldn’t say that there are _huge_ differences. Some options are different, maybe one or two features.

I try to stay able to work conveniently with both.

@tri neovim. Best development at the moment.

@tri honestly, i don't think it really matters which you choose. neovim was once where all the new and cool features came from. But development of vim itself has gotten pretty active again, probably due to fear of being left behind. I wouldn't really worry about that.

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