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"We can't return to normal, because the normal we had was precisely the problem."

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@gargron @rysiek If you don't want to support BigTech, then don't use "permissive" licenses. Use AGPL. The problem is: Most people don't understand Copyright and licences. So they find their way to which is curated by Microsoft Github. It prominently advertises the MIT licence with "I want it simple and permissive". This phrase sounds fair and good to most people. But permissive actually means "I permit BigTech to run their profit-driven thing with my code".

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"University prepares you for real life"

:blobcatthinkingglare: Compsci students:
- Memorize everything
- Exams without tools or even computers
- Everything must be perfect on first try

:blobcatbolb: Actual job:
- All the IDEs
- Stack overflow
- Import random libraries
- Hotfix #​3472 rolls back past two hotfixes plz update
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💬 "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."
🗣️ Thomas Watson, president of IBM, 1943

💬 "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."
🗣️ Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977

💬 "I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse."
🗣️ Robert Metcalfe, founder of 3Com, 1995

💬 "People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will."
🗣️ Moxie Marlinspike, founder of Signal messenger, 2022

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Deutschland würde nicht von Spaltung reden, wenn wir nicht unbedingt zwanghaft opferrollende Ichfixierte, Esoteriker, Nazis,Unterkomplexe und Phantasten bei der Lösungsfindung für ein im Kern naturwissenschaftliches Problem einbeziehen müssten. Demokratie ist eben stets fordernd.
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Sejo released a ebook version of the Uxn tutorials, great little travel companion to learn about postfix languages and low-level computing things.

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"I'm Lena. I retired from modelling a long time ago. It's time I retire from tech too."

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Ihr könnt uns übrigens ne Mail schreiben liebe Ampel, wenn ihr den "Klimakanzler" gefunden habt. Wir sehen derzeit nur @OlafScholz, der fossiles Gas als Brückentechnologie einstuft.🤷‍♂️

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A good read on how social media platforms manipulate your attention by exploiting dopamine reward mechanism, and why you should turn off notifications on your phone.

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#JoinFediverseWiki is now ready for its official launch.

🚀 🚀

Please share this page far and wide.
It's mainly thought to be a first contact point for Fediverse newbies.

Since my last post 8 days ago this changed:
:fedi: mobile version now available
:fedi: some new editors joined and edits were made
:fedi: many spam editors joined and were banned
:fedi: lots of good feedback was given. Thanks!

What hasn't happened yet:
🔜 Support for pages in Languages other that English (technically difficult)
🔜 Many pages are still missing.

#JoinFediverse #Fediverse #wiki #FediverseWiki #JoinTheFediverse

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"[#Web3] is not a utopian vision. This is a declaration of war against a lot of the political and social progress of the last decades."

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🐙 gitty v0.5.0 is out!

gitty shows you a project's most relevant issues, pull requests, and changes at a quick glance - right on the command line.

The latest release now also supports and your own self-hosted Gitea instances!

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Standard Ebooks is a pretty great source for #drm-free #ebooks. They take #PublicDomain books from #ProjectGutenberg and improve the quality (typography, metadata, cover art, etc).

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Peter Thiel: Ein Idol fürs Monopol
Für den Investor und PayPal-Gründer Peter Thiel ist Wettbewerb etwas für Verlierer. Seine radikale Philosophie prägt heute das Silicon Valley.

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Es sind jetzt bald fünf Jahre (😱), die ich hier als Admin von unterwegs bin. Ich habe das mal zum Anlass für einen Rückblick auf die Höhen, Tiefen und gelegentlichen Abgründe genommen.

Wenn ihr schon immer mal wissen wolltet, was wir als Admins so hinter den Kulissen tun:

Andreas D. boosted is a web game site that hosts game made with the open-source Godot Engine. They're making custom Godot builds and process game data to optimize download speeds and game performance in the web.
A lot of cool small games to pass time, and a platform to publish your own Godot games on!

The games work on phones as well!

#GameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #Gotm #Games #Gaming #OoenSource #FOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware

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