The dev of the very good and well known and apps on just ceased development of all of his apps because of conflicts with some Play guidelines:
This would be a huge loss. Maybe we can do something to change his mind... looks bad though. 😕

Marcel has threatened this before. Now it has really happened. A bitter loss! FairEmail is currently the best email app. I don't know how much longer you can safely use the app (can anyone say anything about that?). Looks like I'll actually have to look at the announced Thunderbird app then.

FairEmail ist so eine gute App. Wirklich schade, sowas kommt ja leider häufiger vor. Sowohl bei Apps, als auch bei anderen Google Diensten wie YouTube.

Und meistens lässt es sich dann, wenn überhaupt, durch großen Aufmerksamkeit oder persönliche Kontakte zu Google Mitarbeitenden lösen. Von der Gnade Googles abhängig zu sein ist echt scheiße.

@cryptgoat As a paying customer of #NetGuard I find this very sad. As a software developer I am happy to not be in the business of selling software to end users via a platform which is controlled by company which refuses to communicate in a useful way and I understand the decision.

@cryptgoat Oh noooo, that is incredible sad ☹️ RIP #FairEmail and #NetGuard and all the best to Marcel.

Google rules the Android ecosystem - no matter how much AOSP. If you do something that hinders surveillance capitalism with a real effect you'll get excommunicated.

Leave that toxic ecosystem as soon as you're able. There are alternatives: #Librem5 & #Pinephone running #FLOSS software and letting users decide what they do want use, support and pay for.

Only real disadvantage: your personal data is not widely accepted as a currency.

Great work on FairMail! You made a difference, it seems!

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