: Was ist eigentlich der aktuelle Internetname von ?

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Sun Microsystems: Write once, run everywhere!

Log4j: hello

Programmers: No, not like that

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approaches for localized lockdown during – I’m sorry, citizen. I’m afraid you can't leave your house…


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Two men brutally beaten by hooligans at a train station for kissing in public. Constant threats from a neighbour with a baseball bat who says he will burn down your flat and car at night.

Police response? Lukewarm. Sadly, this is the reality for many people in #Italy.

Puh. War knapp … musste den ganzen Flatpak- und Docker-Kram erst mal lööschen. Aber jetzt geht's weiter mit 15.3, immerhin.

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Ehepaar wird Opfer motivierter Gewalt. Mehr als drei Jahre nach der Tat stellt die Staatsanwaltschaft das Verfahren ein. Quizfrage: Warum?

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⚠ BREAKING: Grindr was fined € 6.34 Mio by @Datatilsynet following a GDPR complaint by @Forbrukerradet and noyb. The LGBTQI dating app had not received valid consent from users, but had been sharing sensitive personal data nonetheless.

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