Last week's EU deal on #chatcontrol will result in the automatic searching of all your personal electronic mail and messages for presumed suspect content using error-prone #AI algorithms that will report you to the police, guilty or not. And more to come.

🇬🇧Astonishing how many people I value still use GMail - and GMail's error-prone #chatcontrol isn't even mentioned in the article:

Which privacy-friendly email providers do you use?

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🇬🇧This goes to all surveillance fundamentalists: The child porn ring "Boystown" has been busted following targeted investigations, without indiscriminate scanning of private messages (#chatcontrol) and IP #dataretention! That's the way!

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I was wrong, it is possible to “fix the system from within.” So here’s the new plan:

Greta Thunberg, please join ExxonMobil.

Doctors, apply for jobs at Philip Morris.

Pacifists, enrol in the military.

Personally, I will immediately start a new job with six figure pay and stock options at Facebook to help fix privacy.

#FixItFromWithin #bullshit

“Cryptocurrency is literally like an eight-year-old’s concept of an evil businessman. He just plugs his pollution machine in and gets money for it. It doesn’t make anything, it just. Pollutes. And makes money. Like a fucking Captain Planet villain”

🇬🇧Bad news: No more plenary vote on #TERREG, regulation is "deemed approved".

This means: #Orbandeletes in the future anywhere in the world within one hour, without judicial order. This contradicts citizens' will and fundamental rights!

Watch my speech:

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🇬🇧According to the German crime agency, the mass surveillance of all private messages by US providers (#chatcontrol) falsely accuses tens of thousands of young people and adults of child pornography, reports Stop this denunciation machine!

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Ich finde "Die kleinste gemeinsame Wirklichkeit" von Mai Thi Nguyễn-Kim ist ein richtig gut gemachtes Buch über Basics des wissenschaftlichen Diskurses, so mit Korrelationskoeffizient und wahr, falsch und plausibel erklärt anhand von klassischen Zankthemen wie Impfung, Gewalt und Videospiele, Drogenlegalisierung und Gender Pay Gap.

🇬🇧 Today is your last chance to speak out against mandatory #chatcontrol and in favour of end to end encryption in the EU Commission‘s public consultation. Don‘t miss out:

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Data retention: ignorance becomes a political method. Not only Macron wants to simply ignore the rulings of the EU Court of Justice. Berlin is following the same course.
This is not the Rule of Law !
article in German: /f

What hosting company do you use to host your instance?

(If you choose “other” please reply with which company / provider.)

Trying to get a gauge of how centralized the fediverse actually is, please reshare!

#fediverse #mastodon 🇬🇧 France, Spain push for new EU data retention law: That the lawyers of the EU Council think they can circumvent the data retention rulings with the facade of 'operational purposes' is absurd and a mockery of the rule of law. reports:

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🇬🇧 Incredible: Microsoft decides which e-mail Members of the European Parliament get to read in their inbox. It's called Outlook spam filter and cannot be disabled.

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