finally i got to automatically install packages from the AUR, so i can fully automate my setup 🎉

not sure if it was considered before, but wouldn't it make a lot of sense for & to join forces?

How to open specific Emacs programs directly without opening emacs and then opening them.

For example I want to open dired without opening emacs first, what command should I use?

Also Emacs is running as Deamon in background.

#emacs #askfedi #gnumacs #doomemacs

anyone using a trackball mouse as a daily driver? i'm kinda intrigued, though i don't have any issues with regular mice yet 😅

btw, threema is open source now.
just in case some other messenger is bugging you recently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

in case you'd like to play a proper, 50h+ game on your phone and are tired of the ad-ridden, free to play games that are abundant on that platform: monster hunter stories is currently on sale for 4€ instead of 20€ on google play 🥳

as slack is down, i'm basically working in slow-mo now 🚶

aargh nixos is driving me crazy, will switch my desktop pc back to manjaro.
if i were smart, i would have done it during the christmas holidays 🙈

in austria one of our supermarket chains regularily releases stickers to collect. you get a booster of five for every 10€ spent there. makes me feel like a child again 😇

currently i'm looking for racing games that provide an option to play the "career mode", or whatever it's called, together in couch coop.
so far i've found:

- horizon chase turbo
- mini motor racing x

in case anybody knows any other game that does that, i'd be happy to hear about it 😊

finally decided to buy an additional domain just to use it as a mail address for all my online accounts.

it's gonna take a while to migrate all of them. on the bright side: i didn't even complete my previous migration from posteo yet, so i can directly migrate them to the new one 😄


Great news from the EU pushing interoperability between messaging apps! 🎉

A win for consumers to choose any messaging app, and communicate with anyone.

Great potential for to be the interoperable communications layer for the open web!


i'm already using a custom domain for my mail address, but it's the same one i use for my homepage. so it can easily be traced back to me.

now i'm wondering if i should register a new domain that's not connected to me, setup a catch all and use it as my mail address for all the services i signed up for.
i guess that would improve my privacy a bit.. but is it worth it? 🤔

as i'm running out of time, i ordered the fairphone 3+ now.

would be great if it received more lineage love, though, so i could use a more up to date system than the one provided by fairphone itself 😅

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