She answered in detail, also about problems with mandatory interoperability in federated environments.
Haugen described the Delete Activity as the main problem.
Another challenge would be .

How can we make sure, a Delete is respected by all instances also “if the server was made in Russia”
(according to Haugen [/me: by any dictator]) …

Problems might be solvable. Technically with Object Capabilities and Capability-based Security.
Such needs funding like Open Source and Open Protocols do.

If there is a Fediverse of Trust in the EU – e.g. @nextcloud supports the german Personalausweis [id card] right now and as described by @redchrision :
“when you as an admin were peering with another instance you are showing your set of values,
and if that other instance believes that they are sharing those values, that instance can peer with you”
then instances can also choose not to federate with the facebook stuff …

Any thoughts ?

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The delete activity can not be enforced over a federated system. You can compare to email or even a web browser: if one server has sent data to another unit (server or browser) it is no longer in control of how/whether that data is saved, copied, spread, changed.

OCAP and capability-based security can limit who can access a post in the first place, but never what that accessor does with data once received.

I find the delete or edit activities odd. Email, IRC, websites don’t have it.


“I find the delete or edit activities odd. Email, IRC, websites don’t have it.”

But this is what Frances Haugen used as counter argument, see the video, she said that we then “go back“ from social media to email …

I think that's an odd phrasing. As if social media is somehow a better thing because it's newer.

Also, AP has clearly managed to grow for a few years now without ability to enforce these activities.

And as often as those capabilities are used as intended, they're also used to change the history of conversations. I believe that a better solution is to remove them and let people know that they're responsible for what they post; think before typing.

@sl007 @nextcloud @redchrision
Once people understand that the internet is permanent record and that very little can be assured to be deleted, it makes this argument against interoperability silly or intentionally misleading. Either she does not understand the internet or she is a planted fake to condition the public to accept more government censorship and control. Did anybody ever hear anybody mention the fediverse in these hearings?

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