From “Dark Mirror” by Barton :

‘In 2011, I shared a stage in Silicon Valley with Google’s Eric Schmidt. He asked, “Wouldn’t you like to be able to say to your Android phone, ‘Where are my car keys?’ ” Good God, no, I told him. Maybe I’m in a casino. Maybe the bartender took my keys and I’m sleeping it off in a room upstairs, never mind whose. I’d be glad to have my phone track my life, but I don’t want you to know. Schmidt observed that my personal life was evidently more interesting than his, which I doubted, and that Android users love the way their phones hand them information before they even ask. The technology, I agreed, is marvelous. It’s like having Batman’s Alfred in my pocket, except that Alfred is not working for me. He is following me, taking notes, and sending them to you. I asked whether Schmidt could foresee a time when I could pay in cash for Google services, rather than agree to be spied on. He disputed the verb, but replied candidly. That’s not our business model, he said.’

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