i've just been testing out , but it keeps dropping the network connection for me after a few minutes 😒

-ng on the other hand, works perfectly fine. i guess i'll continue my journey with that one.

8gb of ram is not enough for multiple proper vms, i'll try my luck with podman 🤞

@schrofi It is if you make them about 256MB of RAM. I run my server with 16GB and I only have 8GB in VMs :comfy:

@captainepoch which distro are you using then? alpine already needs 512mb officially and i don't want to push it 😄

containers are a better choice for my scenario either way, though.

@schrofi I run Alpine VMs with 256MB of RAM, to be honest, and they work well enough (I'm the only user using the services I run in my server, so I don't run into any problems).

I installed a VM with more RAM, and then I turned off that VM and converted it to a template, so I only have to install it once. Then, I clone the template and run anything I need.

I have a couple of VMs that require more RAM because the software is written either in Java or Node (fuck Node, and Java shouldn't be used for server applications or web applications).

But other than that...

If you're going to containers, try LXC before. It might work as you expect!

@captainepoch already spent time testing my setup on podman, so i'll start with that 😅

i guess it's also more relevant in a professional context (given it's compatibility to docker), so that's another plus.

@schrofi Yeah, sure!

If you share your experience, it'd be great, because sometimes I think about changing XCP-NG for containers, and given that I work on both ArchLinux and MacOS, I need something cross-platform to manage the server :comfy:
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